Types of Blogs That Make Money

Health and Fitness

Do you keep in mind the saying “Health is wealth”? As it states, health is the most essential thing in everybody’s life.

72% of internet searches belong to Health and physical fitness subjects.

It comes out as not a surprise, as more individuals are attempting to come out of their unhealthy consuming practices. And lots of people are ending up being more worried about their fitness and health.

Fitness and health blog writers discuss healthcare suggestions, diet plan and nutrition strategies, house exercises, weight reduction, and so on. Apart from that, they likewise discuss fitness equipment and psychological wellness.

Electronic Gadgets

When was the last time you’ve purchased a gizmo without reading its evaluations? Recently, right? Not just you, however it has likewise end up being a routine for everybody to check out evaluations prior to purchasing them.

So, there is no much better time than now to begin an evaluation blog site. It is suggested to begin composing evaluations of electronic devices if you’re tech-savvy.

Innovation updates every day, so are we. Everybody wishes to be upgraded with their devices, so the thirst for purchasing a gadget never ever ends, which in turn increases the audience for device evaluation blog sites.

Gizmo blog writers compose evaluations of smart devices, tablets, headsets, laptop computers, computer systems, and video gaming devices. In addition, they discuss the upcoming releases or how to resolve bugs in the previous releases.

Personal Finance

After health, wealth is the next essential thing in a human’s life. Everybody wishes to make more cash, and some do that by developing a passive earnings source, some do by purchasing stocks, some individuals do that by conserving and purchasing properties, and some do by reducing their expenditures.

With a great deal of choices and no absence of appropriate assistance and understanding in passive earnings, lots of people are required to take a step back prior to investing.

So, If you have the appropriate understanding or excellent experience because location, beginning an individual financing blog site is a good one, as the look for monetary guidance never ever ends.

Personal financing blog writers inform individuals on cash handling techniques/methods such as conserving cash, investing, budgeting or banking terms, and so on. Furthermore, they blog about how to earn money online and individual financing plans.

Fashion and Beauty

In this uneasy period, where individuals wish to look proficient at perpetuity, the style and charm specific niche is among the very best specific niches to begin a blog site. Nowadays, everybody wishes to have the very best attire and upgraded with style patterns.

Unlike the other specific niches, the style specific niche does not require any legitimate info; for instance, if you are blogging about health, you require to confirm the truths. However, as a style blog writer, all you require is, you ought to have a terrific style and a special design sense.

As style patterns alter every day, there is no question that this specific niche would decrease in the coming years.

Style blog writers discuss style patterns, makeup ideas, and tutorials, finest collections, and so on. On top of that, they likewise inform their audience about style programs and alert them about brand name sales.

Educational Blog

While discovering a brand-new innovation or software application, you’re stuck at some point, what you’ll do?

You’ll Google it, right? So, when you Google, there will be a great deal of blog sites showing up and offering you the possible answers to your doubts. Those blog sites are called educational/tutorial blog sites.

The instructional blogging specific niche is an evergreen specific niche, as individuals wish to find out brand-new abilities every day. If you are a professional at a specific location or if you have a specific quantity of understanding on a particular topic or a tool you can straightaway begin a blog site on it.

Educational blog writers discuss software application tools, business, and marketing techniques, Management subjects, and a great deal of emerging brand-new innovations.


What is a lifestyle niche? What comes under a lifestyle niche?

Any guesses?

A lifestyle niche is writing about everything in one’s daily life that is connected to a specific set of audiences. For example, if you are an IT employee, you can write about the food IT professionals need to eat to stay healthy. You can also write about the outfit they need to wear to look Professionally. Additionally, you can write about weekend holiday recommendations, movie lists that connect and resonate with them. 

Simply, as a lifestyle blogger, you can write anything from A to Z that happens in a set of people’s daily life.


Those days were gone when people used to ask their neighbours about new places where to stay and what to eat in a new place. Nowadays, when people want to go to a new place for a holiday, they just search for the best holiday tours on the internet and gather information about the places.

As travel to a destination is an escape from people’s daily life, the searches related to travel blogs won’t end.

While writing for a travel blog, having a passion for exploring new places will help you to get more information about those places and also having your own images on the blog will bring traffic to the blogs.

Travel bloggers write about travel destinations, hotels and restaurants in that place. Additionally, they also review travel gear and notify the audience about the best travel deals.

Food and Recipes Blog

Who doesn’t love food? Food is one of the three basic needs of a human being.

When anyone wants to cook a new dish, the first thing most people do is find the dish’s recipe on Google, or if they’re going to find a new place to eat, the first thing they’ll do is a google search about the best restaurants in their area.

So, if you’re the type of person who wants to try new dishes every time you go out or if you’re a cooking expert, then you can start a food blog without any second thought as the food niche is an ever-growing one and you will find an audience more and more in the coming days.

Food bloggers write about the new dishes and recipes, restaurant lists and reviews, nutrition plans, and diets.