Chrome Extensions to Speed Up the Navagation

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browser in the world, and also it’s likewise filled with tab management troubles. Let’s repair it with extensions that fix tab overload.

None of this is news, which’s why programmers maintain making extensions to take care of tab overload in Chrome. Below are some extensions (a few of which collaborate with other browsers as well) that will significantly improve tab management in Chrome.

Mark Tab Manager

Mark Tab Manager is the option Google should have created, as it automatically creates a tab group out of all open tabs of any website. Once it groups all tabs, it puts the site’s name as the label and adds a unique color.

Any new tab you open with a website that already has a group will be automatically moved to be added to that group. You can also filter tabs by subdomain, choose to arrange them alphabetically or not, and hide or show the tab count.

Of course, Mark Tab Manager only affects tabs in the current window. Any tabs you open in other windows won’t be automatically grouped in the first window.

 Acid Tabs

With Acid Tabs, you get to set custom rules to add tabs to a certain group automatically, with URL parameters.

For example, you could create a tab group called Social, and set “”, “”, “” and other websites as part of its rules. So any tab you open that contains a URL with those keywords will automatically be added to the Social group.

Once you make these rules, you can also set the order of the tab groups in Acid Tabs. Just use the arrow keys at the right to choose how they will appear, and add a background color for the group.

 Tile Tabs WE

Some browsers like Vivaldi offer tab tiling as a built-in feature, so you can view multiple tabs side-by-side, horizontally or vertically. Chrome and Firefox don’t come with this ability out of the box, but the Tile Tabs WE extension is close enough to get it done.

The extension offers a few default layouts of two, three, four, or six tabs tiled horizontally or vertically. Naturally, each choice will split your screen into windows that take up that much real estate. You can even choose to tile all tabs of a window in one click, but that might be extra messy.

Another option is to create custom tile layouts. So in case you want tiles of different sizes, make such a layout and save it to your Tile Tabs WE profile. Next time you need it, it’ll be a click away.


Most browsers have basic tab navigation shortcuts that greatly speed up how you use it. But they are still considerably limiting when you’re going through 20 tabs or more, which is a common scenario nowadays. Tabouleh brings fast tab switching with keyboard shortcuts.