Basic Things to Consider If You Want to Change Your Logo

One day you realize that your website needs a new face. Stop. Do not make fast decisions. Updating a logo is like making a tattoo. And even more serious — your website’s success is at stake. 

Strong Reasons for a New Logo

Changing your logo, (for example) because your sales dropped down or brand awareness efforts seem useless, might not solve the problem. It’s more likely that you need to change your marketing strategy.

Clear goals for a new logo save you from a number of risks: from spending money and time in vain to losing your loyal customers because they do not recognize you. Your website might just disappear for its clients, partners, users; lose their trust, which you have been earning for years. 

Refresh or Redesign

After the rebrand you should contact your clients through emails and your website and explain why you made the change, what does it mean, supporting and tying the announcement to your mission and values. 

Logo refresh or partial rebrand goes for most of the companies and strongly recommended for medium and large businesses. Following the tactic, you leave the essence of your existing brand while bringing it into line with current trends. You can remove a small element, change the trace of your main color, leave the form and rethink style. 

Analyze the Context

  • What are the common colors for your industry?
  • What are the most influential trends among your competitors?
  • What famous companies are you associated with by your customers? Do they have a good reputation?
  • On the whole — is the chosen form and colors represent something positive taking into account the current realities or your country’s agenda. Would you like to be associated with these things?
  • Where will your logo be placed (except a website and social media)? Print, billboards, packaging, in new technologies such as VR, etc.

Make a Mobile-Friendly Variant of Your Logo

We put it separately for the reason that some long-standing companies might forget that people now mostly work and entertain themselves using their smartphones. 

When designing your logo, keep in mind that you as well need small and simplified versions.

Your New Logo Should Be Identifiable

Maybe it sounds quite obvious but: when users see your creative logo, do they recognize your company? Or they can confuse it with your competitor? 

Try not to change colors, if it isn’t a radical rebrand, it is better to experiment with a form or even leave the colors and the form unchanged but just play with the details.