Basic Knowledge About Website

Do you wish to know what is a website and also exactly how does it function?

You might have most likely listened to regarding sites if you’re interested regarding the existing online organization fad. Or if you asked individuals just how to develop a great online visibility, after that they could have recommended you to build a site.

In simple terms, website is a collection of webpages. The ‘webpages’ are online pages that you can view by using internet and web service on a computer or smartphone.

Simply Description of A Website

As the name implies, a website refers to a ‘site’ on the ‘web’ where you can put information about yourself, your business, or any other topic and users can access it by using the internet. 

To understand this better, here’s an analogy! Just like a physical ‘site’ on land where you make a house and live, you make a website on the web and your information lives on it.

And, just like the address of your house, your website also will have a unique address called ‘web address’. With the web address, internet users can easily find your website and access the information on it.

Technically, a website is a collection of interlinked pages on the internet grouped together under a unique name or online address.

These pages, known as web pages, contain information or services by a business or organization. The information may be in different formats like text, images, videos, audio, and animation and the services may be like buying or selling products, downloading digital products, etc. 

What Can A Website Be Used For?

Every website on the net is constructed with a particular function or objective. The companies and also organizations via their internet sites, objective to supply details and also solutions to their participants as well as clients.

Sites additionally have actually ended up being a tool of amusement like playing on the internet video games, viewing flicks, as well as paying attention to songs, and so forth.

How Many Websites Exist?

The number of websites released per day is massive. It’s hard to say how many websites exist there in total. So, it’s impossible to make a list of all websites. 

Top Websites online

According to Statista, the most popular websites in 2021 include,,,, etc. 

Here, we’ve presented the list of the top 4 websites according to the total monthly visits as per the report.

How Does a Website Work?

In simple terms, a website is built with some software or set of code. But it works only on top of powerful inventions. Those are technologies that make the content created in some remote computer accessible to people worldwide.

First of all, let’s briefly talk about the internet and the web that provide a ground for websites. Normally, people these terms interchangeably but they’re different technologies.

Internet – It’s the technology or insfractructure that connects computers worldwide and lets sharing information.

World Wide Web  – It’s the system that enables sharing of information using the internet.

In other words, the web is the vast collection of digital documents, websites, webpages, media, etc. And you can access them using the web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

More precisely, the web is one of many ways you can share information via the internet. Others include email, instant messaging, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), etc.

So, in a nutshell, the internet and the web are the fundamental technologies on which websites are based.