5 Reasons Why Geeks Like Linux

You might not be a Linux user but have a nerdy friend who won’t shut up about it. Why would they get so excited about an operating system?

Linux Is Free

One reason Linux has such a dedicated following is that Linux distributions are readily available for download absolutely free.

This may not appear as remarkable when upgrades to exclusive OSes from Apple as well as Microsoft are additionally complimentary nowadays, yet in the 90s, when Linux made its launching, operating systems set you back a great deal of cash if they really did not included your equipment.

Windows, OS/2, or macOS might set you back thousands of bucks, as well as exclusive Unix systems might set you back more than $1000, depending upon which alternatives you set up.

Linux distributions, by comparison, could be downloaded and install absolutely free, the only price being packages of floppies you required to set up. Or if you had a CD-ROM drive, you might simply purchase a CD, which conserved a great deal of time in the dial-up net period.

Also at that time, this was more affordable than an exclusive OS, as well as technological individuals liked that it was affected by the layout of the Unix systems they enjoyed and also understood.

Linux, after that as well as currently, enables individuals that wish to discover Unix and also Linux ideas to do so for a marginal financial investment.

The Linux Command Line

An additional reason Linux is so cherished amongst techies is that it’s preserved its link to the command line in manner ins which Windows as well as macOS do not.

While you may take into consideration macOS a relative to Linux because it’s based upon the BSD Unix version, it still emerges as an easy to use GUI-based system, as does Windows, also as it has an incurable application.

While Windows does have command-line interfaces, both PowerShell as well as, yes, also Linux, they’re still utilized primarily by managers as opposed to the days of MS-DOS, when every person utilized the command line.

The reason for this is that the command line uses one of the most control over the computer system. Numerous Linux programs just make use of the command line, consisting of designer devices. This might fend off typical individuals, yet technological customers value it.

Lots of Programming Tools

There’s a reason Linux is so popular with developers: it comes with many of the tools they need to do their jobs. Editors, compilers, interpreters, debuggers, you name it, it’s often included in the default system. If not, it’s only a package manager command away.

The wide availability of programming tools on Linux makes it an ideal system to learn to code on. The easiest languages to get started with are the shell, since so many users use it already, and scripting languages like Perl or Python.

Linux Is Customizable

Linux is also popular among technical users because you can customize it to a greater degree than other operating systems. You have a choice of desktop environments, window managers, and apps.

You can even run Linux without a GUI if you want to. And many servers do. It’s this flexibility that endears Linux to so many sophisticated users.

Linux Runs Everywhere

Linux started on x86 processors but now runs on just about every processor out there. If you have an Android phone, it’s running a modified version of Linux. It’s also the default operating system of the Raspberry Pi. If it exists, you can probably get Linux for it.

This is why Linux is so popular for reviving older machines that may no longer get support from Microsoft or Apple.